About Naked Goat

About Naked Goat

The naked goat is a symbol of our modesty when it comes to creativity. The same apprehension applies to the goat: of course it's naked, simply because it's a goat, but as soon as you say it out loud, it carries an element of modesty.

An idea may sound really good inside our own heads, yet downright awful when we say it out loud. In

most cases, this is our modesty getting in the way because we know that our idea will be judged right away.So without even being aware of it, when we take part in brainstorming, we apply a kind of “filter”.I have set up Naked Goat because I know that anyone can learn how to come up with good ideas, provided the conditions are right. Usually these are better ideasthan anything external consultants may be paid to provide because the staff are deeply involved with their company and its products, and no one will know a product better or care more about it than they do.

About Dan Ravn

My name is Dan, and I have worked as a creative in the advertising industry since 1999 – primarily as Art Director. My client list for work on idea development includes:

Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Novozymes, Volvo, Viasat, Carlsberg,
Grimbergen, Jacobsen, Dong, Statoil, Nivea, Arla, Nybolig and NCC.

Apart from creativity and idea development, my greatest passion is behaviour, and my most recent studies include a certificate in Behavioural Design.

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