Do you need to brainstorm a marketing campaign, your customer journeys, product development or ways to change behaviour? Let me design and facilitate your brainstorming session. I also take care of all the preparations, leaving you free to conceive ideas none of you have ever come across before.

Having worked with brainstorming in a professional capacity for more than 18 years, I am used to managing creative processes in smaller as well as larger groups. Drawing on my background in the advertising industry and my certificate in Behavioural Design, I have designed and perfected a process that unlocks creativity while supporting and guiding the participants every step of the way.

Through six defined stages, the participants are inspired, guided and “goaded” into innovative thinking.

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We begin this stage by finding inspiration. We then spend time analysing and breaking down our inspiration into its constituent elements. Why? Because the inspiration itself is not the interesting part – what is interesting here is how it will make people feel, think and act.

At this stage, the participants reflect on their inspiration. Without speaking, each person writes down several questions on blank cards. To come up with their questions, the participants look to the building blocks they have identified at the inspiration stage, their own challenges and current market trends. No one puts forward any solutions or answers – only questions. The more specific, the better.

The two previous stages will generate a lot of thoughts and ideas. This stage sees the start of the more “traditional” brainstorming session, where people speak their ideas out loud. However, contrary to ordinary brainstorming, they use the questions from stage 2 to goad reactions in order to steer the session. This method ensures that everyone works in the same direction, and it helps maintain a good flow. Every time the brainstorming comes to a halt, a new question is read out.

At this stage, we focus on specific words, thoughts and images and transform them into ideas. At the same time, the groups swap ideas. With each group being handed another group's ideas, the exercise now consists of making these ideas even better. This will trigger collective ideas with all the groups as stakeholders.

Now we sort the ideas according to the matrix most relevant to the task in hand, for example price and impact, time and resources etc. Sorting provides us with a clear picture of the best ideas to take forward.

In the final stage, we focus on specific ideas, taking them one step further and creating a prototype. Depending on the brainstorming topic, a prototype may be anything from a physical item to a user interface, a marketing campaign or a customer touchpoint. We use this prototype to test the ideas.

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