I believe that you and your colleagues have the ability to foster groundbreaking innovation.
Why? Because all of you have what it takes to create something great: you have relevant knowledge about your area of business, and you have creative potential.

But you are short of one crucial ingredient: time.

Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) provides a framework and a completely new way of working with innovation, which turns this into an easy and tangible process.

As a specific approach, CBI accounts for both team and individual performances while also being extremely efficient.

Within a step-by-step framework, the participants work together to define the objective and the creative scope. Each person is then given a specific challenge, which they get help to solve during the next stages.


Spread over 7 days, participants work in efficient 20-minute intervals 3 times a day.
The entire Coffee Break Innovation “sprint” takes 7 hours in total. That is less than a single workday.

This approach means less time-wasting and better ideas, and it is much easier to fit into a busy schedule.


Language: I facilitate in Danish and English

Coffee Break Innovation (CBI) can be booked bookes as a workshop or a talk. Send an email to ide@nakedgoat.dk or call (+45) 5050 7063 for more information.

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